Remember Bob Bailey #VegasHistory

Civil rights leader and entertainer Bob Bailey died Saturday at 87 of Parkinson’s. At 16, he graduated high school. When he was performing with his local band while studying at Morehouse in Atlanta, Benny Goodman discovered him and got him in touch with Count Bassie to be a featured singer for his band after graduating there. The new medium of television enchanted him, and he studied it in New York, but couldn’t find work even as a gofer due to his skin color. But, in 1955 he got his break at emcee and entertainment director at the Moulin Rouge, where he’s shown here at the top right. Hank Greenspun worked with him to emcee and produce a show for KLAS, finally getting him into TV. In the 1960s, he worked with Grant Sawyer to push to end formalized segregation/Jim Crow policies in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy UNLV Special Collections.

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