Helldorado Photo Drive

Las Vegas Historical Society is working to get photos out of personal shoe boxes and into history where they can be protected and preserved, and put on display to teach others of our unique past. To help encourage this effort, we're having a photo contest with gift certificates courtesy of The Light Group and Artistic Iron Works:

Fan Favorite:

$250 Gift Certificate

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Bottle for 6 ($500 value)

Random Drawing Winner:

$150 Gift Certificate


  1. 1. Photos must be submitted by 5pm PST on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Complete the information form regarding who/what we’re seeing in the photo, and when it was taken, to the best of your ability. Please put the word ‘Helldorado’ somewhere in your description so we can more easily sort/find it both short and long term.
  2. 2. Photos must print cleanly at 8” x 10” size. In general, that means the file size should be over 750kbs. (It’s not that we don’t want smaller images. If you have them, still submit, since we want all history! It’s just that we need them to print well at our physical location. But smaller ones are still helpful to our history, so upload those if you only have smaller, lower-quality scans.)
  3. 3. You must own the rights to the photo and allow Elks Lodge #1468 (the Helldorado organizers) and Las Vegas Historical Society and its affiliates to display them both online and at current or physical locations. Note: Creative Commons or Public Domain photos are also acceptable provided i) you correctly annotate this information in your submission ii) the source is not headquartered within Clark County (e.g., News Bureau, UNLV, Nevada State or Clark County Museum).

Voting will begin online on Monday, May 12 and end on Sunday, May 18 at 8pm PST.

The photos we deem to be the top 35 submissions will also be eligible for votes at our location in the Arts District and/or at Helldorado Days.

Winners will be announced by Tuesday, May 20, at 5pm PST. Gift certificates are transferable, so feel free to bequeath to a lovely friend or friendly loved one.

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