Celebrating Las Vegas’ birthday month #VegasHistory

Happy 109th birthday, Las Vegas! Tomorrow, May 2, we’re having a Cinco de Mayo/First Friday/Las Vegas birthday party. Come on by our office at 1114 S. Main St. Ste. 120 to say ‘hello’ if you’re in the area.

NHS-CL-627 Las Vegas Townsite Auction, Clark County, Nevada, May 15, 1905.  Selling  the lots that would become Las Vegas.  Credit:  Nevada Historical Society.  Glossy 5x7" gelatin silver copy print scanned with Epson Perfection V500.

On Monday, May 15, of 1905, just before 10am, Las Vegas was born when 6’6″ railroad attorney and Las Vegas Land and Water Company President C.O. Whittenmore introduced Los Angeles auctioneer Ben E. Rhodes, just north of the current entrance to the Plaza Hotel. The area up for auction was called Clark’s Las Vegas Townsite, and had been bought by U.S. Senator William Clark in 1902 from Helen Stewart to form a railroad town to support steam engines en route from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. Many folks had come from Los Angeles flush with cash, and had camped on her ranch or in tent ‘hotels’ for days for the opportunity to bid. Many lots sold for 4x the anticipated price. Highest-price lots were for the 3 parcels where the Golden Gate for $1.750, and an equal amount for the 3 parcels where Las Vegas Club now stand. The auction had to be cut short due to the heat at 3pm due to the heat which topped 110 degrees. Sales continued at scheduled prices at 8am the next day, totaling $265,000.

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