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I am over 18 years of age and I represent that I own or have the authority from the owner to submit the photo(s), video(s), or other content (‘Submitted Content’) and grant the permissions set forth herein. I hereby authorize Las Vegas Historical Society and/or its affiliated nonprofit entities (including, without limitation, the Las Vegas History Museum), (the “Society”) to: (a) display, compile, and/or otherwise use the Submitted Content in connection with the Society’s online and/or physical locations, including, without limitation, the Society’s website(s) and/or at any current or future historical display (“Society Display”) and (b) if any Submitted Content includes any name, image, likeness, or other designation of an individual or entity (“Likeness”), display, compile, and/or otherwise use the Likeness in connection with the Society Display. This permission does not allow the Society the right to sell, donate, or otherwise assign the Submitted Content to any other entities without my permission. In the future, I understand that the Society may contact me to discuss the possibility of a revenue sharing or payment structure related to the sale, donation, or assignment of the Submitted Content. I understand that I will not be obligated to participate in such a program. I understand that the Submitted Content may be archived or removed by the Society, in the Society’s sole and absolute discretion. Accordingly, the Submitted Content may not be displayed currently or in the future.

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